In addition to measures recommended by the CDC we are protecting our patients and staff from COVID 19 (Coronavirus) by implementing the following:

All patients are questioned for symptoms of COVID 19 or known risk factors for exposure to COVID 19 and these patients are not permitted into the office.

  • No staff with any known COVID 19 exposure or symptoms are permitted in the office.
  • ONLY patients are to enter the office unless the patient requires a caregiver or translator
  • We have eliminated any non-essential site visitors (all non-staff or non-patients).
  • Body temperature is taken prior to entering the building
  • An automatic door has been installed to eliminate the need to touch doors and door handles
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available

Front-Desk and Waiting Areas:

  • Counters have been cleared of any unnecessary materials patients might touch
  • We are cleaning and disinfecting counter surfaces, chairs, and tables in the waiting area between patients.
  • Front door handles and all room handles, light switches, etc. are frequently cleaned and disinfected.
  • Chairs have been removed (where possible) to increase the distance between patients.
  • We create a 6-foot distance barrier between patients.
  • Electronic “check-in tablets”, pens, clipboards, etc. are cleaned and disinfected between patients.


Work Up and Exam Rooms:

  • Non-essential items have been removed from exam rooms
  • All staff are using face masks, and gloves, as well as washing and disinfecting hands between and after each patient
  • All rooms and equipment are thoroughly disinfected after each patient
  • We clean and disinfect all equipment and areas staff or patients come in contact with after each patient visit.
  • We wipe and disinfect all computer equipment after each patient

We Are Committed to Your Health and Safety!

Download the “Coronavirus and your Eyes” handout provided by the American Academy of Ophthalmology download here:  NEW-2-COVID-19_03-20 en Espanol, Coronavirus y sus Ojos